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Are Drain Cleaners Safe to Use?

When you look around, you will notice that there are so many DIY plumbing solutions that are provided. While some are easy hacks that you can pull off, there are some that should be left to Austin plumbing companies. One of the most common questions is whether drain cleaners are safe for the plumbing system? There are many people who give different answers and reactions to the question. If your drains are not working as efficiently as required, you may be tempted to use the drain cleaners.

However, this may not be the best option as the chemicals may end up corroding your pipes. Most manufacturers will market their products as the best and promise all manner of positive things. Sadly, this may not be the truth as the drain cleaners may cause more problems. If you have problems with your drains, you can contact your local plumber Austin. Additionally, there are other DIY fixes that you can also attempt.

How to Unclog Drains without using Chemicals

Drain cleaning Austin TX is a great way to keep your pipes clean and clear of all debris and other unwanted elements. The moment you realize that your sinks are draining slowly, there are some solutions that you can try without using drain cleaners. Here are some of the best alternatives to chemical drain cleaners:

  • Sink Plunger: As simple as this may sound, plunging is an effective way to unclog your drains. This works in the same manner as a toilet plunger and it can be useful in dislodging any clogs and blockages. For safety and health reasons, ensure that you are using a new and clean plunger for your sink.
  • Baking Soda and Vinegar: Start by pouring hot water down your drain and then add a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, which should be in equal parts. The drain opening should be covered for about 10 minutes and then pour another round of hot water.
  • Drain Snake: Drain snakes can be bought from the stores and these are effective in removing clogs. In fact, most plumbers Austin, TX also make use of such devices to remove clogs so as to allow the drains to flow without any blockages.

Once you have attempted the above methods and none seems to work, it is time to turn to your local plumber Austin. Look for an experienced plumber and they will help with unclogging the drains without using harmful chemicals.

The Dangers of Drain Cleaners

You may have come across a wide range of drain cleaning Austin chemicals that promise to work like magic. However, you should not be too quick to pick these drain cleaners as they are quite dangerous. Rather than sorting out your clogged drain problem, they will extend the damage and leave you with costly repairs to handle. Most of these drain cleaners are made of toxic substances that will affect your pipes and this can cause extensive damage. This is a risk that you would want to avoid like a plague.

If you are inclined to using drain cleaners, the safest option is using bio cleaners. This is a safer and effective type of cleaner for your drains and will not cause any harm to the pipes. When shopping for drain cleaners, insist on the bio cleaners as they are cheaper and they are quite effective in unclogging your drains. Ideally, these cleaners will promote the growth of bacteria in your pipes, which will dissolve the elements that may be blocking your pipes. The bio cleaners will not affect the pipes as they only dissolve organic substances.

The best plumbers in Austin recommend bio drain cleaners as an effective way of cleaning and maintaining your drain pipes. Using bio cleaners is easy and you can do it yourself. Just pour the solution into the drains and let it sit for a couple of hours. Most experts recommend doing this at night when the drains are not being used. Once the clogs have been dislodged, you can make a point of pouring the solution at least every month so as to keep the plumbing clean and free of blockages.

Get Professional Drain Cleaning Services

As you have seen, there are many dangers of using chemical drain cleaners. If you have to use drain cleaners, go for the bio option. However, there is a lot of guesswork involved in such cases. For the best results, contact Fast Fox Plumbing for professional drain cleaning to keep your systems safe and working properly. 

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