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Berry Springs Park and Preserve

Berry Springs Park and Preserve, situated on the outskirts of Georgetown, is a rare gem for anyone who loves history. The beautiful and majestic heritage pecan trees in this park provide an amazing shady retreat for visitors. Hiking, biking, or fishing are just some of the many activities that one can do while here with family members enjoying themselves on picnic tables under a large tree acting as covers!  For those who need more room than what’s offered at the public property, there are also rentable covered pavilions available which make great gathering places, whether it be company events or personal get-togethers between loved ones far away from home.

The abundance of natural beauty in Berry Springs Park and Preserve is unparalleled. The 2.5-mile hike/bike trail provides a great way for visitors to get plenty of exercises while also enjoying complete solitude during their visit.

Berry Springs Park and Preserve is a unique place in the heart of Georgetown. It features natural areas that were voted “The Best Kept Secret” by citizens, as well as outstanding trails for all to enjoy when they are not camping or fishing on their way back home from work.

Pecan trees at Berry Springs Park and Preserve in Georgetown are the perfect place to picnic, play or relax among their rows. Pack a lunch today for an early morning walk through these mature pecans! Come on over after you’ve fed the donkeys – there’s no better time than now when they’re all docile from eating too many fresh nuts off of tree branches around here.

The perfect place for kids of all ages to play tag is in this open field. There are plenty of trees with big pecan-like brown leaves, and they provide enough shade so that you don’t get too hot as the day draws on. Children really enjoy playing zombie tag because once someone has been touched by one from their team (or caught), he/she becomes a brain-hungry ghoul until everyone else on their side has turned into an undead creature.

Amenities at Berry Springs Park and Preserve includes; The Pavilion with a fire pit, picnic tables for all types of occasions. Fishing pier to get your catch on display or relax while you watch others do the same thing. Grills that can hold up an entire BBQ – just in case someone brings one meaty meal per person as leave-behinds from their visit there. There’s even playground equipment, so kids don’t need to run off too far when they want some fresh air before bedtime.

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