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Brushy Creek, TX

Brushy Creek, Texas, is a neighborhood located about 9.4 miles away from Georgetown and has an estimated population of 21780 people living in it. This is an exclusive neighborhood in Georgetown with a livability score that ranks 75th out of all cities and towns nationwide. This place is better than 98% of its surrounding areas, which makes Brushy Creek one heckuva find.
The cost of living here is 15% higher than the Texas average, and housing prices are 32 percent more expensive. Brushy Creek offers a calm, safe environment with plenty to do for those who enjoy outdoor activities like fishing or bird watching.

Brushy Creek is a safe haven for residents who want to live in relative comfort. This small town with big dreams tucked away on the banks of Brushy Creek River and near Horseshoe Bay, where you’ll find beautiful beaches as well relaxing hotels that offer more than just beds after a long day at work or sightseeing destination because its location offers easy access into Austin too. With crime statistics half those found nationally, it doesn’t take an expert eye reader either; this community has everything needed from schools without bells ringing late at night through quaint shops offering unique gifts making your purchase thoughtful enough not only give them pleasure. Brushy creek crime rates have been reported as 51% lower than the national average, and violent crimes here are 53% less frequent! In fact, you’re safer than 61 percent of U.S cities.

The statistics show that Brushy Creek residents are living high on the hog. The income per capita here is 35% higher than average, median household earnings 86% higher, and unemployment rate 39%. But don’t take my word for it — look at these other numbers: poverty level 77% lower; children uninsured in hospitals less likely to die as well.

What’s not to love about Brushy Creek? The school test scores are 89% higher than the national average, and 94.6% of people in this town have graduated from 8th grade! That means it’ll be extremely easy for you to get into college since so many seem ready already 🙂 And with almost 55 percent graduating with a bachelor’s degree, there has never been an easier time than now to make some serious progress on your goals without even lifting a finger (except maybe if driving is involved).

In Brushy Creek, the population density is a whopping 2844%. The median age here, too! In addition to this, there are notable demographic differences, including more White people (78.83%) than Texas as well as Asian ones at 11.91% of total census figures and 4.4% Black.

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