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Central Texas Olive Ranch

Central Texas Olive Ranch is the first and largest olive orchard in Williamson County and they’re located right in Georgetown, Texas. They produce, sell premium Extra Virgin Oil that’s pressed right on-site using modern methods to ensure they maintain quality all along every step of production from planting and harvesting for better-tasting oils.

The Texas Olive Ranch is an orchard for olives, founded by Josh Swafford and his grandfather Curtis Mickan in 2009. Since then, they have grown 23 thousand olive trees on this property which are now being farmed by the sixth generation of farmers – the successor to their family legacy in production—taking pride as well when it comes down from generations past so that future generations can experience what goes into making quality oils like those found at Central TX’s finest producer: The Texas Olive Ranch.

With a love for olives and olive oils, John Mickan purchased the farm in 2009. With his grandfather’s legacy on that land now to pass down through six generations of ownership with him continuing its development into modern times by planting 23 thousand trees ago- it was an easy choice. He never thought he would become so immersed within this industry, but as someone who believes strongly how important healthy food is (not just from their own backyard), there really isn’t anything more fulfilling than using every part possible when making sure we’re getting what nutrients are needed by plants like theirs.

Josh is a hard-working man who has traveled all over Texas to make sure that his olive ranch, Central Texas Olive Ranch (CTOR), and Heart of Texas Olive Orchards are in top shape for visitors. He manages these facilities as well as consulting with other companies on installation projects through another secondary company he created called “Heart Of The South.”

Josh is a well-rounded individual who has been active in the olive oil industry for many years. He’s currently serving as an officer on the Board of Directors, Committee Member with his involvement at both national level conferences like The American Olive Oil Producers Association (AOAP) that represent many acres across America’s heartland and abroad; he also sits on Strategic Planning committees where they discuss future research direction within this sector.

Currently, Josh is in charge of the family business, and he loves it. His grandfather’s legacy has given him a reason for the hope that generations will go on after his own time here on Earth is done! In Josh’s mind, there could never have been enough olive trees around, so when they heard about some more being donated in Texas, they took action right away before anyone else got their hooks into them first.

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