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Dealing with Burst Pipes the Right Way

Winter is a very cold season and everyone tries to keep warm. Having burst pipes during this time can be your worst nightmare. However, as long as you have the best plumber Austin TX, you have nothing to worry about. The residents of Texas are confused about what to do when a burst pipe disaster strikes. Inasmuch as this is not a common problem, it still happens. The worst bit is when you are caught unawares and do not have an idea of what to do. Before finding a 24-hour plumbing company, there are things you can do to mitigate the damage.

Fast Fox Plumbing is a company that is committed to helping you handle pipe bursts in the best way. We have put together some tips in this post and this should equip you with the right knowledge. While you may not be aware, as a homeowner, you have so much control over pipe burst disasters. Of course, you will need a professional Austin plumbing company for the actual repairs. However, with some basic knowledge on what to do, you will salvage your property from extensive damage.

If you have just experienced a burst pipe, here are some of the things that you can do while waiting for an emergency plumber Austin to get to you. These are simple tricks that should be easy to follow.

  • Shut Off the Main Valve

The first thing to do when you discover a burst pipe is to cut off the water flow from the source. This should be done by turning off the main water valve. In most cases, this would be in the basement or just under your kitchen sink.

  • Drain all Pipes Dry

Water keeps flowing in the pipes and chances are there will be some left even after a pipe burst. Drain all the pipes by opening the faucets, running the shower, and flushing the toilet. This will minimize the plumbing repair Austin needed.  

  • Switch off the Water Heater

In order to prevent cases of water heater repair Austin after a burst pipe, turn off the heater. Once it is switched off, you should also run the faucets so as to drain all the hot water from the pipes.

  • Turn off the Power

You want to eliminate the dangers of electrocution due to pipe bursts. Since you may not be too sure how far the water damage has gone, it is safer to have turned off the electricity in your home.

  • Identify the Affected Pipes

Even before your 24-hour plumber Austin arrives you can attempt to locate the burst pipes. In some cases, it will be obvious where the burst has happened. However, in other instances, you may not be able to locate the burst. If you are lucky and have been able to find the leaking pipe, you can drain the water with a large bucket.

  • Work with a Professional Plumber

Once you have taken the initial measures to remedy the situation, you should leave the rest to professional plumbing companies Austin TX. Do not attempt DIY repairs in such cases as you may end up making the problem even worse. It is advisable to find a qualified and reliable plumber to handle such tasks.

  • Document the Damage

Water is one of the elements that can be quite destructive and can wreak havoc in a short while. For purposes of insurance claims, take pictures, videos, and any other form of documentation of the damage. Professional plumbers Austin can help you with the insurance claims.

Water Pipe Burst Prevention Solutions

It is better to be safe than sorry and as such, you can take preventative measures to prevent water pipe bursts. During the winter, insulating pipes that are in unheated places is a great remedy. This will go a long way in preventing freezing of the pipes which causes them to crack or burst. 

Draining all the outdoor pipes and hoses is also advisable as soon as the temperatures start going down. Your plumber Austin will help with the insulation of your pipes in a professional manner. If you are not sure about preventing burst pipes, contact professional plumbing companies in Austin for the best tips.

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Burst pipes can happen when you least expect it. Fortunately, Fast Fox Plumbing is a local company offering emergency plumbing services Austin. Whenever you are faced with such emergencies, contact us and we will be glad to help you with the best services. 

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