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Garey Park

Garey Park is the crown jewel of Georgetown, Texas. It offers everything from a playground to fishing ponds and picnic shelters. The 524-acre ranch was donated by Jack and Cammy Garey in 2004 but has since grown into so much more than that with amenities such as splash pads for children’s enjoyment or dog parks where you can take care of your friends all while getting some fresh air on one the park’s many hiking trails.

This is the biggest park in Georgetown, and the area boasts more than 500 acres of beautiful hill country land for visitors to enjoy with facilities that include hiking trails and picnic areas, making it perfect if your itinerary includes some time by yourself or with friends & family.

Development on Garey began back in Spring 2017, and its gates were opened later in 2018. If nature’s calling, but you don’t have any kids at home anymore…or need a break from all those city life hustles, then come head into these green fields near the park because this little piece of paradise awaits you.

The Garey Park is a beautifully designed and planned park that lies between Georgetown and Cedar Park. It borders the South San Gabriel River, making it an ideal location for entertainment purposes as well as natural habitation! In 2008 voters approved $10 million dollars towards expanding this great space into what many have called “the largest in Georgetown.

This is a huge park in Central Texas that offers lots of trails for walking, running and equestrian use. The huge space has been seen as an attraction to travelers looking to get out from the busyness they find at airports or other heavily traveled areas nearby.

When you’re looking for the perfect space to host your event in the park, consider checking out The Garey House, with sustainable features and beautiful views of vineyards; it’s not hard to see why this venue is so popular.

Do you need a place to play for the day or pitch your tent overnight? What about all those weekends when it’s just too cold and snowy outside. The Garey park accommodates daytime fun but may allow overnight camping in the future! That sounds like an adventure worth packing our marshmallows around – because let’s face it: there are few things more enjoyable than spending time at home on Saturday afternoon with friends AND plenty of firewood waiting by burning embers.

This unique location is Blue Hole Park.

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