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Gateway, TX

Gateway, Austin, TX, is a neighborhood located about 17.5 mi away from Georgetown with an estimated population of 864 people. Gateway, TX, is a Georgetown neighborhood with an exceptional livability score and ranks among the top neighborhoods in Texas. It has better than 94% of areas to offer its residents great living opportunities.

Almost all Americans have heard the saying, “you get what you pay for.” This couldn’t be more true in Gateway, where there are some great differences when it comes to the prices of living accommodations. The average cost-of-living index here is 16% higher than Austin’s and 6 percent higher nationwide; however, housing expenses vary greatly depending on location. You’ll find that an apartment located near universities will typically have a lower rental rate than one situated right downtown, thanks largely due to proximity with amenities like shopping centers or hospitals – which means families should seriously consider this factor before making any decisions about moving closer into town rather than farther out.

The cost of living in Gateway is higher than both Austin and national averages. Housing prices are also on the rise, but there’s still time for your home value to increase.

It’s not surprising that Gateway is a safer place to live than the average city in Texas. Here, you have an equal chance at becoming a victim of crime with some odds skewed due to its low violent crimes rates and high ranking when compared against other large metropolitan regions across America.
Gateway is a city of opportunity. The income per capita in this neighborhood is 64% higher than the national average, median household incomes are 28% higher, and male earnings are 41%. Unemployment rates sit at 15%, while poverty levels also reflect this statistic, with an equal amount being recorded by census takers nationwide as well when compared side-by-side.

The school test scores in this neighborhood are equal to the national average. 98% of people here have completed 8th grade, and even more successful graduates attend college at a rate higher than most communities – 77%.

In Gateway, the population density is 66% lower than in Austin. The median age there, as well as the percentage of people who identify themselves by race and ethnicity, are also ways that it’s more diverse than its bigger counterpart across town – which gives visitors an authentic feel for what life could be like living amongst such a small community.

Gateway is a beautiful place to live. There are numerous amenities close by that you’ll never have any problems getting your daily dose of fun and stimulation, whether it’s food or fresh air! Some places worth checking out for their delicious cuisine include Ichi Umi Sushi Bar & Grill (Japanese), Lupe Tortilla Restaurant Mexican/Latino Cuisine – they serve everything from tacos al pastor(spicy meat)—to chilaquiles which was totally new to me but sounds delish according to others reviews on Yelp.

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