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Georgian Acres, TX

Georgian Acres is a beautiful, serene neighborhood located 19.9 miles away from Georgetown, with an estimated population of 7591 people. This is a Georgetown neighborhood with an exceptional livability score and ranks 426th in Texas. This area Ranks better than 62% of areas in terms of its quality of life.

The people of Georgian Acres are fortunate to live in one of the most affordable areas for livability. Not only does it have a lower cost of living than other nearby cities, but also housing is 38% cheaper!

The statistics speak for themselves. Georgian Acres has a crime rate that’s more than double the national average, and you have an approximately 1 in 10 chance of becoming its victim, whether it be violent or otherwise! However, as bad as these numbers seem, they provide some insight into why people are moving away from Georgian Acres at such high rates – things just keep getting worse with every passing day. Despite these statistics, Georgian Acres is safer than 12% of Texas cities.

In Georgian Acres, The income per capita is 51% lower than the national average, while male median earnings are 41% higher. The unemployment rate here is 4%. Poverty levels also match up with most other states and regions throughout America – which means that this small town has much to offer if you’re looking for a quality place to call home.

The people of Georgian Acres are some of the most intelligent, motivated, and hardworking in America. Scores from standardized tests prove it. The high school graduation rate is 64%. Additionally, 65% have completed 8th grade, which means they’re well on their way to having stellar grades too, like those who graduate college at an average rate greater than 4 years higher per capita than other nearby towns/cities do.

Georgian Acres is a great place to call home. Its population density of 233% more than Austin, the median age 17 percent lower with 61.46 percent being White and 8.16 Black people living in this community make it one filled with diversity not seen anywhere else.

There are so numerous amenities close by that you won’t have to leave the area! Some Nearby restaurants include Taqueria 7 Estrellas, Tam Deli & Cafe, El Pollo Regio, and Red Lobster. You could always grab a quick lunch or dinner at one of these eateries before going back home again for more shopping on your grocery list from Viva Food Mart, Mi Tienda, TM Capital Food Mart, and Africarib Market.

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