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Here is What You Need to Know About Tankless Water Heaters

Water heaters are commonly used in homes and commercial properties for different purposes. In most cases, they are used for showers, baths, washing machines, and dishwashers. In the past water heaters were limited in terms of capacity and most people would not enjoy maximum efficiency. However, times have really changed and with the introduction of tankless water heaters, you can now have hot water on demand. If you are still new to this concept, our plumbers Austin TX are glad to share with you all the details of this new technology and the numerous benefits it carries.

If you are still stuck with the conventional water heaters Austin, you are missing out on so much. In this article, we will try to discuss as much as we can about on-demand water heaters. You will get to understand why this is a better option and more advanced technology than the former ones. Are you ready? Let us dive in and get to unearth all there is about tankless water heaters.

Why Choose a Tankless Water Heater

Traditionally, when you needed water heater installation Austin services, you needed to have space. This is due to the fact that there had to be a tank to store up the heated water. In the old models, the water would continue to be reheated as long as the heater is still on. At the end of it all, you will end up with too much energy consumption. Just as the name implies, the tankless water heaters do not have a storage tank. The water is heated on demand and is always ready to use.

This is a system that uses modern technology to heat up the water when it is needed. Ideally, the cold water will run through the pipes and get to the heat exchanger, where the water will be heated. There is an option of having a gas burner or a heating element to heat up the water. As soon as the tap is turned off, the sensor in the unit will also shut off and stop working. This means that you will only get hot water when you need it. Due to the small sizes of the units, you do not need to worry about the space to set up the tanks.

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Do you have an old system and have been paying for regular water heater repair Austin? You need to upgrade to a modern unit that will serve your needs in the best way possible. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider an upgrade:

  • Use Less Energy and Enjoy Huge Savings

Did you know that the old water heater system has to maintain a full tank of hot water? As such, this means that the water is constantly heated whether it is being used or not. At the end of the day, you will end up using a lot of energy and the bills will keep escalating. The good news is that tankless water heaters are energy efficient. The heating element will only be active when there is water running through the pipes. This means that you will only spend energy when you actually need hot water.

  • Get More Temperature Control

With the tankless water heater, you will enjoy greater temperature control as it comes with different settings. However, this is not the case with the conventional water heaters, where the water can be extremely hot. With the advanced technology, there is a control board that will measure the temperature of the water flowing and the required temperature. You can have water at different temperatures for different tasks in your home.

  • Exceptional Efficiency

Tankless water heaters are designed to provide maximum efficiency. You can adjust the temperature and the water will get heated when the tap is turned on. As long as the water is not running, the heater will be off, which conserves electricity or gas. The tanks are also meant to last for decades, with standard maintenance. By choosing to upgrade to the tankless water heater, you will enjoy quite a number of benefits.

Upgrade to Tankless Water Heaters

If you would love to get more from your water heater without spending so much money on energy and water bills, consider a tankless water heater. Fast Fox Plumbing has the best plumbers in Austin who will help you with the upgrade. There are tons of benefits to enjoy with tankless water heaters. 

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