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Lake Georgetown

Lake Georgetown is a beautiful and historic freshwater lake in central Texas. It was created by the North San Gabriel Dam, which sits just west of this great little town called Georgetown! The Corps manages all things related to it so that visitors can enjoy their time at both the shoreline or around one anothers’ campfires while knowing there are always government officials looking out for them should anything go wrong.

The construction of the lake was completed in 1979, and it has been a great asset for both Georgetown’s residents, who can enjoy access to drinking water from Lake Georgetown, as well as Round Rock citizens because they get their daily dose. The recreational activities around this lake are numerous, with swimming being one popular past-time option on its shores.

Lake Georgetown is a relaxing place to escape the hustle-and-bustle of city life. This small, clear lake offers 85 feet maximum depth with an area that’s just under 1310 acres making it one of Texas’ largest inland lakes. The U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers built this gorgeous body waterway for flood control, and now you can enjoy all its amenities at your own leisure. It has steep rocky shorelines around most sides, which provide scenic views but also means hiking upstairs if looking off into deep abysses.

Some of the best things to do on this beautiful lake are swimming, camping or boating. If you want some fun in between all your adventures, then head down by those small bluffs where kids are jumping into it looking like they’re having a blast.

The San Gabriel River Trail is not only a 26-mile rugged trail winding all the way through dense juniper forest, hardwood bottomlands, and prairie grasslands; it’s also completely around Georgetown Lake, passing through the dam. Another section of this awe-inspiring greenway extends from Overlook Park eastward toward the City of Georgetown’s extensive network for hiking/walking as well. This paved segment offers parking at Tejas Campground, Cedar Breaks Park, or Russell Pkwy & Booty Rd, which has plenty of spots along its width – all within walking distance to one another.

Lake Georgetown is a great place to ski or board, as long as the wind isn’t howling and there aren’t many boats. The coves have trees which make them less desirable for water-based activities such as boating with no motorized vessel traffic allowed in these areas due to their fragile nature that may not be able to withstand any damage caused by rough seas; however smooth open waters lie on either side so if you’re looking into this area, then I recommend coming here.

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