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Leander, TX

Leander, TX, is a beautiful and friendly neighborhood located about 11.9 miles away from Georgetown with 36204 residents. This is a Georgetown neighborhood with an exceptional livability score and ranks 177th out of all the cities in Texas. This makes Lenders one-of-a-kind. Not only does it beat its surrounding areas by far but it also has higher rankings than 94% other locales as well.

The cost of living here is 8% higher than the Texas average but 1% lower than the national average. Housing here costs 15 percent more on average for renters compared with other regions across America, which makes it difficult to maintain a decent standard of living if you’re not making six figures per year or so as an employee at one of our top businesses.
Leander’s crime rates are 62% lower than the national average. In this neighborhood, you have a 1 in 105 chance of becoming a victim of crime! That means that most people who live here never experience this kind of traumatic event and can go about their days without fear or hesitation since they know there is safety in numbers as well other deterrents like police presence for those bad actors trying to break into our town.

Leander is a great place to live. The income per capita is 2% higher than the national average, and median household incomes are 51% higher as well! Males enjoy an edge over females when it comes to earnings, with males earning 41% more on average than their female counterparts who work within this town/city limits; however, there’s no difference between unemployment rates at 5%. Additionally, poverty levels here remain 68 lower compared to other places across America, so you’re pretty much ensured against hardship if you reside here permanently or just visit often enough for business ventures.

It’s no wonder that Leander has been rated the best city for education. With schools providing students with 57% more test scores than average, there is a lot to love in this town! Around 14 public institutions serve as your educational meccas, and 90% of people here have completed 8th grade; 89%. Additionally, high school graduates make up only 35%, or 3 out 5 adults who didn’t graduate from college–but don’t worry about them because they can still enjoy their lives after graduation without having any regrets at all since research shows “people without higher degrees are happier.”

The Leander real estate market is one of the hottest in Texas. 27% more expensive than average, and 60% higher rental prices for homes are what you can expect when shopping around town.

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