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North Burnett, TX

North Burnett, TX: a quaint neighborhood just 17.3 miles from Georgetown with 7559 people and plenty to do in between these two neighborhoods. This is a small town with an interesting and diverse population. People who live in North Burnet are respectful of each other’s space which has made it one of the friendliest places you can ever be to.

North Burnett is a Georgetown neighborhood with an excellent livability score and ranks 7th among all its neighborhoods. It’s also ranked 339th for Texas as well! In fact, it has the best ranking in Texas for its great location and many amenities. This means that it’s better than 72% of its surrounding areas in terms of living conditions.

This is a paradise for people looking to get their taxes done and a great place to live with a low cost of living and affordable housing. The average resident spends 11% less than the national average, which means that they can enjoy their life even more. North Burnetts homes are 34% cheaper on an annual basis when compared against all other places around the U.S. – this also makes it easier financially, so you don’t need a big down payment or monthly payments each month.

North Burnett, TX, has some of the highest crime rates in Texas. The crime rate is 471% higher than the national average, and Violence is 116% high. In fact, you’re 1 out of 8 people that live there who will become victims of a crime—besides, North Burnetts safer than 26% of neighborhoods across Texas.

This neighborhood has a higher income per capita than the national average, which means that people here live better lives.  A lot of men work in this neighborhood, and those with jobs make more money than women or non-citizens. The unemployment rate is also lower at 32%. Finally, poverty levels are close to what you’d find across the U.S.

Also, this is a high-achieving region. The scores on the school test are 71% higher than average, and 87.8 percent of people in this area have completed 8th grade, while only 54 percent complete their education by finishing high school or while 49% have an undergraduate degree at some point after graduation from primary level studies here.

North Burnett, TX, is a wonderful place to visit with its rich history and beautiful backdrop. In addition it has a lower population density than Austin! The median age here is 2% lower than that of Austin as well, which makes for an affordable lifestyle where you can take time out from work or school without having any regrets about being away from your family on vacation because prices are much more reasonable here too; not only do locals live healthier lives but they spend less money in local stores so this contributes significantly towards making their communities thrive better economically as well when considering how many people have jobs within these small neighborhoods compared against other areas.

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