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North Lamar, TX

North Lamar is a neighborhood located about 18.5 mi away from Georgetown, TX, with an estimated population of 7591 people. The journey to get there can be difficult, but the drive itself will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for anything that life may throw your way.

North Lamar is a Georgetown neighborhood with an exceptional livability score, and it’s the 17th ranked in Austin. The area also ranks better than 62% of areas across Texas. This is a great place to live! The cost of living here is 2% higher than the Austin average but 7% lower than the national average. Housing prices are 19% less expensive here too, which makes up for it and more.

This neighborhood is a much safer place than 21% of the cities in Texas. Why? North Lamar crime rates are 244% higher than the national average! Violent crimes there also tend to be 142% more common, so if you live on this street with its high levels of criminal activity – keep your doors locked and don’t leave anything valuable visible outside from now on because sooner or later, someone will break into your home while they’re searching for loot no doubt.

Classy and sophisticated, North Lamar’s median household income is 31% lower than the national average. The unemployment rate thereof 2%, though it may seem high at first glance for such a small town in Texas; this number reflects how well-established North Lamar really is when you compare our stats with those from other towns or cities nearby.  It turns out males have it easier too: even though they make 41% more than females on average (!!), both genders live under similar levels of poverty which means many families do not qualify financially as low earners despite having less resources available to them.

North Lamar is a hotbed for academic excellence. North Lamar has outperformed the national average in almost every category, providing an educational landscape where children are able to succeed regardless of their background or income level; it’s no wonder this area continues on its upward trajectory into higher levels of education than any other community within Texas.

This neighborhood is a great place to live. There are so many amenities nearby, and the food options are fantastic! You’ll love going out for dinner at any one of these restaurants: True Food Kitchen Koriente Russian House or Whole Foods Market Second Street Market. And don’t forget about all your grocery needs — Royal Blue Grocery will have what you need when it comes time to make dinner tonight. Besides, some of the great parks in North Lamar are Brush Square Park, Republic Square, and Waterloo Greenway.

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