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North Shoal Creek, TX

North Shoal Creek is a great little neighborhood about 19 miles outside of Georgetown with a population of about 4396 people. It has the perfect blend of new urban living with plenty to offer, including restaurants on every corner and an awesome shopping center.

This is a Georgetown neighborhood with an average livability score and ranks 41st when compared to other nearby areas in regards to living conditions. This location also has 560th rank for Texas as well, and it is more livable than the 41% corresponding areas by livability scores.
The cost of living is 20% higher than the Austin average and 10% more expensive when you compare it to national averages as well! Housing prices are on par with surrounding areas, but due to a high-profile location and exclusive area features, homes in this community offer great value for cash buyers who want luxuries without paying upfront costs associated with urban sprawl development patterns that have pushed up housing values across Central Texas over recent decades.

North Shoal Creek has some of the highest crime rates in Texas, and if you live there, it’s even worse. The average person who lives in North Shoal Creek is at risk for a 1-in-14 chance that they’ll become victims to violent crimes as well. The crime rates are 198% higher than the national average, and violent crimes in this area have increased 33%.

This is a diverse and thriving community with average incomes that exceed the national average. The unemployment rate here, for example, sits at 51% lower than what it would be if residents of other areas were counted in this study. The median household income, for example, is 13% higher than the national average, which translates into better opportunities for all inhabitants there. Male median earnings are 41% greater than female counterparts here too–not only do they have more money available, but oftentimes, these males don’t face oppression from other gender roles either because their work may be seen as “typically male.” Unemployment rates can also vary greatly depending on where you go, although 51% less likely than what we see nationally.

The North Shoal Creek school system is a shining example for the rest of Texas. The scores are higher than average, and it’s due in part to their high graduation rates, which make this place feel like home with such low crime levels too. In North Shoal Creek, you can see that the test scores are 10% higher than average. There is one public school, and 93.5% of residents have completed 8th grade, which leads to high school completion rates of around 93.5%. When looking at bachelor’s degrees, 55% of residents complete their undergraduate coursework for a degree within 4 years or less.

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