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Round Rock, TX

The neighborhood of Round Rock, TX, is a great place for individuals who want to be close enough that they can walk or commute easily. It’s also only 7 miles outside Georgetown. The population in this area numbers about 112,767 people, which means there are plenty of opportunities available with all kinds of jobs waiting just around the corner from home.

The Georgetown neighborhood of Round Rock is ranked 29th in Texas and 147th out of 300+ cities nationwide. It’s a great place to live with an excellent livability rating – better than 99% of its surroundings.

The cost of living in Round Rock, TX is 7% higher than the Texas average and 2% lower than national. Housing prices are 8% higher, which makes it a great place to live for those who want their home close by while still having access to more affordable options elsewhere around town or even within other regions.

Round Rock is a much safer place to live than the rest of America. In fact, crime rates in this Texas city are 27% lower and violent crimes 67% lower on average! With such low statistics for both categories, it really doesn’t seem fair when you consider that there’s only one chance out of every 56 inhabitants will be the victim; meaning odds have NEVER been better against becoming involved with criminal activity here – even if we take into account other nearby areas.
The median household income here is 34% higher than the national average. Male median earnings are 41% greater than female equivalents, and unemployment rates hover at just 1%. The poverty level here also tends to be 36 percent lower across all states; this could have something to do with strong community ties that make it easy for people to help each other out when they’re down on their luck rather than relying solely upon government assistance programs which may not always work as expected due ever-changing eligibility guidelines or cuts made by lawmakers.
In Round Rock, the school test scores are 61% higher than the national average. There is a wide variety of public schools to choose from, with 89 percent of people having completed 8th grade and 88.2 percent completing high school.- 37.5% of those who graduate succeed at earning their bachelor’s degree.

The population density is 90% higher than in the state of Texas. The median age there also tends to be lower, at 3%. 75.58% are white people while 10.35% Black residents live among them; 6.31% Asian Americans round out this small town’s diverse mix.

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