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Russell Park

Russell Park is situated on the West side of Lake Georgetown, about 25 miles north of Austin and 8 miles west of Georgetown. Visitors to this park enjoy boating and fishing in addition to exploring San Gabriel River Trail, which runs through this park.

Russell Park is among the four parks at Lake Georgetown operated by the U.S Army Corps of Engineers that offers scenic views and wildflower displays in spring. The 27 tent campsites have a central restroom on-site, while there are three overnight group shelter sites with amenities like water spigots for campers who want some peace when they’re out enjoying nature all day long.

Amenities such as camping grounds, day-use areas (with places to swim), boat ramp access leading down lakefront where you can launch boats or take advantage of the Goodwater Loop Hiking Trail offer plenty not only sporty but also educational adventures – just what your body needs after being active outdoors all week.

The park has an excellent fishing spot that is open to the public. The lake contains black bass, white striped bass, and hybrid striper fish; however, it’s most known for its abundance of smallmouths-the first type being a commonly caught species while there are also reports of catching channel catfish flathead carp up near Northport on one occasion. A boat ramp provides access so you can bring your own vessel or borrow someone else’s if needed (you might want them sharp).

Some people think that the San Gabriel River Trail is a mundane and uninteresting 26-mile winding path, but those who have hiked or biked along it know differently. The rugged terrain includes dense juniper forests with hardwood bottomlands on one side of your journey as well as prairie grassland on another – all when traveling around Georgetown Lake in Russell Park. You can also hunt for small game such as dove, waterfowl, rabbit, or squirrel; just make sure you get permission first.

In case you’re looking for a primitive camping experience close to civilization, then Russell Park is perfect. With 27 sites and drinking water available year-round, there’s no need for your own supply on these ten screened shelters that contain bunk beds without any bedding at all. The amenities also include bathhouses with flush toilets nearby, as well as an area where people can swim or use picnic tables during designated hours–it doesn’t get more convenient than this.

You’ll need a pass to visit Russell Park! All day-use visitors are required to purchase one. The passes can be downloaded or printed on your mobile device in advance of the trip and must be available at all times while you’re here so that they know it’s yours, too–if someone else had plate number VVPC123 (their car), they might try using this as their own ticket because there would only be space for 1 per vehicle, but if PPQ#1234 was entering with his/her family, then he could bring everyone along instead since parking is first come first serve based on availability anyway.

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