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Serenada, TX

Serenada is a cozy little town located about 5.2 miles away from Georgetown, and it has an estimated population of around 1443 people. This is a Georgetown neighborhood with an exceptional livability score and ranks the 624th best city in Texas, as well as being ranked number 6773rd nationwide. This means it beats over 77% of its surrounding neighborhoods when considering things like affordability levels or safety rates.

In Serenada, you will find yourself living with a cost-of-living 18% higher than the rest of Texas. This means that your monthly obligations are going to be at least 1/5 more expensive in this city compared with other areas across our fine state! Housing costs for residents here average over $500 per month, which is 42% greater than what’s seen nationally – meaning those savings won’t really help much either way, considering how high they climb so quickly when moving around the town or getting into buying property altogether.

Serenada is a safe haven for all those who live there. The crime rates in Serenada, TX, are much lower than the national average, with violent crimes at only 84%. In addition, you have a 1 out of 254 chance of becoming victim of any kind of criminal activity here, which makes it safer than 89% of other cities across America.

The wealthy and scenic city of Serenada offers a more comfortable life for its residents. The income per capita in this region is 58% higher than the national average, and median household incomes are 47% higher as well, with males earning 41 percent more than females on average every month before taxes – not bad considering that there’s an unemployment rate 43percent lower here too. Not only does it have great weather year-round, but you’ll find no poverty level at 52 percent less than what exists nationally either making these tax dollars go even further.

Serenada is a wondrous town where the people are intelligent, Americanized, and reserved. The school test scores here equal that of America’s national average – 94 percent have completed 8th grade; 94% complete high-school degrees or more (including Advanced Placement courses). And 40% have a bachelor’s degree. Those numbers speak volumes about what it means to live life in Serenadasville: you’re going places.

Serenada has a population density of 395% higher than Texas, and the median age is 53%. 98.61% of Sercandian are White, 0.07% Blacks or African Americans live there, as do 0.55% Asian people for every one million square miles in size.

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