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The Inner Space Cavern

The Inner Space Cavern, located at 4200 South IH 35 in Georgetown, Texas 78627, has fascinated adventurous souls for more than 50 years. The discovery of the Inner Space Cavern was a blessing for Texas, and it has provided researchers with invaluable information about early human history.

The ancient site had been hidden away from sunlight for more than 10k years! The drilling team that found this amazing natural cavern was building highways in 1963 when their core bit dropped 26 feet down into the darkness below ground level, where they discovered one of the most well-preserved sites to have ever existed on US soil (especially considering how old these things are).


The Inner Space Caverns map is a very detailed and accurate representation of the cave’s interior. Texas Speleological Survey reports that it contains depths up to 69 feet, with many other fascinating features waiting for exploration.

Visit the Inner Space Caverns because it is a perfect destination for your Georgetown summer family fun. The tours are open year-round and offer many opportunities to explore Texas’ natural caverns with an expert guide! You’ll find that this 75-minute guided tour covers just over one mile of fascinating rooms such as Ice Cream Parlor & Drapery Column – among others on their Adventure Tour list; it also gives you insight into artwork found within Painted Wall caves depicting animal bones from 44 different species collected inside these remarkable structures dating back thousands of years ago.

The tour of Inner Space Caverns in Georgetown, Texas, is a unique opportunity for those who want to experience the cave’s natural beauty. Guests are given flashlights and encouraged to explore delicate formations on an undeveloped trail while wearing close-toed shoes as they may be slippery at times due to their low lighting condition–but no worries. Guides will provide them with some extra batteries if needed so you can see everything up close without any distractions or safety concerns whatsoever.

A Wild Cave Tour at Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown is a physically demanding experience. The tour lasts 3-4 hours and must be booked with an appointment for Saturday or Sunday day(s). Participants under 18 years old need parental consent to participate; those 13 through 17 years old are required if accompanying someone else on these tours as well – so make sure you request it before your visit! Park rangers provide knee pads and elbow protection against possible falls while caving off-trail into the cave’s interior depths, where darkness prevails most of the time.

This is the perfect place to cool down on a hot summer day. It’s open for tours Monday – Saturday from 9 AM – 6 PM and Sunday 10 AM-6 PM, so you can enjoy this amazing attraction any time.

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